Probation: A punishment given out as part of a sentence which means that instead of

Jailing a person convicted of a crime, a judge will order that the person reports to a

Probation officer regularly and according to a set schedule--Full definition in The problem is that to get

Probation a person must first Plead Guilty and ask for mercy-Mercy | Definition.

Adam and Eve did not plead guilty put instead they both blamed God for

Their Actions.

Fact Is: That First Commentary. Then Open Below Gen-3-12-13-Parallel

Commentaries About Adam and Eve Blaming God.

First Fact Is

Barnes Commentary Says This About Eve. Let us remember that this was the first falsehood the

woman ever heard. Her mind was also infantile as yet, so far as experience was concerned.

The opening mind is naturally inclined to believe the truth of every assertion, until it has learned

 by experience the falsehood of some. There was also in this falsehood what gives the power to

 deceive, a great deal of truth combined with the element of untruth. The tree was not physically

fatal to life, and the eating of it really issued in some knowledge of good and evil. Nevertheless,

the partaking of what was forbidden issued in the legal and actual privation of life. And it did not

make them know good and evil altogether, as God knows it, but in an experimental sense,

as the devil knows it. In point of knowledge, they became like God; in point of morality,

like the tempter Barnes' Notes on the Bible 3,4 and 5 óBiblos-CommenGen/3-4


Adam and Eve did not ask forgiveness and they both blamed

God for what they did.

Commentaries About Adam and Eve Blaming

God Is In Open Gen-3-12-13-ParallelCommentaries.

Full Article In Truth2001Translation.


Do you think God should gave ask Adam Eve to Plead Guilty?  And God would

Then Could Grand them Mercy. Plus God should have killed Satan and that would

Have Solve the problem. Yes or No?

Put the fact is that God will Judge things as He pleases and do we accept that or

Do we want to tell God how to Judge things?

Plus make our own rules and govern Ourselves? AddYourComments.


What the King Does for Us

All Suffering Soon to End Is About

Why did God not destroy Adam and Eve and start over with another human pair? 

Because Godís universal sovereignty, that is, his right to rule, had been challenged!


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