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Greetings Isoman, (IMG:style_emoticons/light_skin/drinks.gif

Okay, I think I am begining to understand where you are going with this thread. Careful Bible students will recognize that almost all covenants, promises or prophecy in the scriptures point to the seed and/or the restoration of the harmonious balance of the universe through that seed. So we see that Jehovah, in allowing time for the challenge to His righteous rule to be played out, acknowledges those that exercise faith in our Creator. As the wisdom of the Father can see the end of any path, Jehovah is able to make promises, like the one concluded with Abraham, with full confidence that He can fulfill His "word". Since Jehovah knows that He can fulfill His word, our Father, in His great LOVE, adds blessings to those righteous individuals used to bring about the fulfillment of God's plans. Case in point, the Abrahamic Covenant. Not only was Abraham promised that the foretold seed of the Edenic Covenant would come through his line, but Jehovah promised to make Abraham a great nation, and to give them a fruitful, lush land to inherit (Genesis 15:18). Jehovah further blessed Abraham Genesis 12:3-

"And I will bless those who bless you, and him that calls down evil upon you I shall curse, and all the families of the ground will certainly bless themselves by means of you."

Have we seen the complete fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant? Not yet. Even though the Isrealites took possession of the promised land, they didn't recieve all the land promised to Abraham (Numbers 34:1-12). Also, have "all the families of the ground" blessed themselves by means of him? Still waiting for that to happen. How about the promised seed? Well, for sure, Jesus is the promised seed(HALLELUJAH), but all creation is still waiting for the restoration that Jesus is to bring about. So there are many aspects to the Abrahamic Covenant that await ultimate fulfillment. For me, that holds hope and promise. Consider, if anyone cares to enjoy a little Bible reading, Romans chapters 4 & 9 & 11 also Galatians chapters 3, 4 & 5.
At this point I am beginning to move out of discussing the Abrahamic Covenant. Therefore let me end this post, with the opportunity to discuss still the Palestinian Covenant, and the promises and fulfillments yet to occur.

May Jehovah bless all those on the path of righteousness, as we await the ultimate expression of LOVE from our King (IMG:style_emoticons/light_skin/give_heart2.gif) ...pleasant_serf