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SBT Believes It Can Get The Truth Out Of Any Bible—

                      Only Because Of a Trained Eye--- And Applying It

                            on Good Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias –and New Translations Notes that

Harmonize with all Scriptures and Nothing But the Scriptures 2 Tim 3-16-17 –Rev 22- 16-21 For Accuracy



Most people don’t know how to get the best results out of there search work---That Why Sbt is Here to Help see  ABOUTUS.htm


a Trained Eye---is the Key—


Whatever subject you are searching Infro requires a good basic knowledge of the Keywords or

Phases or Prase Expressions of the subject.

Sbt Bible Topics were built on that---The more you learn about a subject –the more you can

Expand your Search.


Example—Sbt is looking for----When did the original Bible Writings start having Foot-Notes

Added by the Scribes



Enter ---Into Search Engine -- Foot-Note History on the Bibles original manuscripts


You most likely will a lot of Websites to look at----But on Tough Subjects like this and many Bible Topics –Most Sites Listed Doesn’t have exactly what you are looking for---All you can do is to open up several of them until you come across what you are looking for--- or ---Start a new search with different keywords ----That is Why SBT wrote this

The more you learn about a subject –the more you can Expand your Search.

Sbt Searcher has over 30 years of Studying Theology in part—but with the internet at your figure tips And Sbt Topics—Any can learn what they are looking for can verify it in a short time.

Us the Commentaries in BestNonTrinitarianOnenessBibles.htm


SBT Doing RESEARCH WORK---Continuously To bring it to you—Check in Daily


SBT Doing The Time Consumming RESEARCH WORK for you –ENJOY--- all Free Matt 10-8

Sbt—Doesn’t Sell God’s Words---Any Links Have to Answer

For Themselves--Rom 14-10-12 ,--Rom 15 -4-6.-- Matt 10-8.