SBT2020 Is A Historcial Biblical Library 

With The Bible FactsThat  Matter.That Is Better Then A 

Regular Bias Bible Website-Why Is In[2] [1][2A]

3KindsOf Jesus/God Theologies. GODorgod.

But Only One Is Right. It Is Your Choice. 

Worship GOD Must Worship. Must Means We Must

Do It Right—The Way GOD Requires It.

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God I[a Verses Single] Spirit; Those That Worship 

Him  Must Worship The Him Open in spirit and in truth

70-John-1:1Truths. John1:1 Best 

Commentary Is Open Links.

 Ithe beginning there was the Word

The Word was with The God (gr. Ton Theon)

 And the Word was  a powerful one (gr. theos or god-like).


Very Important

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 BiblicalLOGISTICS.-- Theology.—Is The Alternative to Mysticism—



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The Reference Research Library.


TheSolePurposeOfSBT. SBT1 Is Doing the Detailed Time

Consuming Research Work for You-All Free Details in-Matt-10-8.

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