The Facts That Matter: God Is Not A Mystery to us at SBT.

He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to

His kind intention which He purposed in Him- Eph 1:9.

There are many more verses God has made known to us 

concerning His kind intentions in GodIsNotAMysteryWHY.html 

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Christendom Doesnít Understand Godís Will or His Real purpose.

They Teaches Myths. Mental Imaginary Concepts Of God and Jesus.

TrinityBestDescribedAndSimplified thatís Also In


SBT Examines All Bibles Available and shows

You What Bibles Publishers Are Doing Wrong.

That is  Bible Words Changed.

Your SalvationDependsOn It.


The Most Popular Controversial Verse Is In John-1-1,

70-John-1-1-Truths. Then


The-Word Is Jesus, Not The GODSupreme or God the Son

See John-1-1-Note.

JOHN 1:1 and the word was God with a Capital G Contradicts 

The First Mention of Jesus being Created[1] that is in Prov 8:22-24

They Both Can Not Be Right--Open John-1-1-Note and 

Open Proverb-8-22-MB For Accurate Details. 

The-Word.The Unbiblical Word That Made Jesus God Is in

Homoousion.html Compare what is written in -Open Where.htm

Plus All The Other Hard To Understand Bible Verses

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Jesus didn't have long dirty looking hair.

Those pictures are false, another lie most

Likely influenced by Satan. 

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False Preachers--How To SPOT One Fast!!! 

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