SBTSources: Best-search-engines and Open[2] There is no perfect (Open) Bible

(Open Best 4) yet but some are good enough Good gain Salvation. There is no

perfect Church or Bible Website. SBT uses many Sites (RLINKsAreSome) that have

a lot of truth but not all the truth. Some Site list their Updates but Most donít.

Please contact your favorite Bible Source and ask them how many times down

through the years that they have Made adjustments to their Beliefs or Doctrines

or Their Statement of Faiths? Try google Search first or any Search engine first!

When that fails write your Source and ask them for their Detailed History of

Their Beliefs Adjustments. WT Library Has Corrected Many Mistakes

Open Beliefs Clarified.

What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Believe? -††

Compare Jehovah's Witnesses - Wikipedia

People also ask

Will only 144 000 go to heaven?Do Jehovah Witnesses believe in Jesus?

Why do Jehovah Witnesses not accept blood?

Which countries are Jehovah's Witnesses banned from?


The Catholics have the most adjustments. But they are very low to lease

them to the public. And they still claim God Is guiding the Pope.-

The History of the Pope - Open


Catholic Declaration+of Faith =Catholics+Statement+of+Faithx

Catholic Advent Encyclopedia Has All History And Doctrine.

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