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Understanding Free-WIll Open FREE-WILL –This is very important.


BAPTISM Who Is Doing It Right

 One must get Rebaptized In The Name Of Jesus Only

If not done so in the name of Jesus only at their first baptism Why?

Historical facts about the words added in Matt 28:19,

the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit--Should be go and Baptize them in my name-(Jesus)

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There is no fast way to learn all about what the Bible has to teach us.

But the BiblesToday are getting more accurate.

It took 1600 years to write the Bible. The Only Holy Writings Approved by GOD. 

Open GodsPenmensWritings.  

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 Compare Trinity Based Bible in Best Trinity Based Bibles Explained in Bibles Two Types 

and BestBibles and 3 God/Jesus Theologies Plus also learn what Oneness really means.

VS OnenessAndTrinitarians 


Serious Bad Real New About Salvation

Some New Bibles have removed the words only begotten son for the only son or

Something else to support the Mental Imagination concept [TheSimpleExplanationOfTheTrinity] of the Godhead.  

More in JOHN-3-16-PlusAnd OnlyBegotten.htm Adam and Eve believed Satan’s Lie and did not ask forgiveness

 and they both blamed God for what they did So God had to do what He said and sentenced them to death--

Which came slowly, Read Truth2001Translation.html

SBT Main Point is on this subject is that God Never Changes.

If YOU believe Lies the penalty is in TheoreticalLies.


How SBT investigates Bible Truths to get the facts Open 20 In 20


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