Satan Has Conquered the Churches Christendom-How So? What is Christendom? Updated 5-25-2018.

The Simple answer is any So-Called Christian Church that Teaches Mystery Doctrines Is Christendom and does not have GODís approval

JehovahOrYahweh--GOD or god JorY is the Most Holy and can not be associated with Intentional-Fallacy--LIes.

GOD disassociated Himself with Adam & Eve when they took up believing Satanís LIe.

GOD is not a mystery according to Jesus and His Apostle (open Imitate.htm).

JehovahOrYahweh--God Does Not Cause Mysteries He Reveals Them

MysteryMadeKnownToUs Open MysteryVersesPlusMore  and Open TraditionPlusVerses.

Readers are invited to write in their facts about what are the mysteries

Doctrines they believe in or do not believe in Write to

GodTheSon--GodHead --GodheadBelievers 

Churches that Teaches Mystery Doctrines Open DOCTRINEBuster1.htm


Teachers of Mystery Doctrines teach Lies (known today as IntentionalFallacy)

and God has already reserved a places for Liars



IF YOU believe a lie and teach that lie---that makes you a liar----




1 Cor-4:1 Reads Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ

and stewards of the mysteries of GodIn Context |Original Greek   

 Godhead there are three persons in one Ėthat is part of

Homoousion Theology an Unbiblical Word