Satans Allies are quoted in certain verses.  A person can not be truly good that teaches- Any-Myths- that gets them disapproved from the

real GOD Jehovah Or Yahweh\. AND GETS them approved with the god of this world, and that is a Fact.htm




Gen 3:15 =Gen+3:15+Commentary

1 Tim 4:1

<< 2 Timothy 3:15 >>


Open Satan Has Conquered The Churches Of Christendom How So.htm


With his False Doctrines 1-Tim-4-1.htm 


GODs HolySpirit or GODs-GUUIDANCES for (help) according


On a Situation that you are experiencing and want to solve.

You first must pray in 

Spirit and Truth Jn-4-24 to Jehovah

Asking Him to grant it to you In the name of the mediator of the 

Real Jesus and not a phantom Myths.htm of God being

Two or Three in One GOD Jehovah Or Yahweh

Real Jesus 

will then do as verse John/14-26.htm SAYS THAT READS



Satan Has Conquered The Churches Of Christendom How So.htm





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