Simple Bible Truths Is A Free Christian Biblical

Historical And Modern Day Bible Library.

Paul & Jesus And Others Gave God's Word Without Charge. 

Details In Open [7] [C] M10-8 & F/P

God Has Made Known To Us The Mystery Of His will.

At SBT (Open) God Is Not A Mystery WHY And Read The Verses.

(Open) Mystery Verses Plus More. Compare: Most Churches With Where Own

Websites and many Bible Websites that donít even have a Church

preaching God Word and asking you to support them monetarily

See Matt-10-8 and MattC10-8.

Most All Them of Them Teach God is a mystery. Heís Not. He was

Until the 27 Books of the New Testament was Finishes.

These Churches and Bible Websites are called today Christendom that

teach there Myths. Details in(Open) God Is Not A Mystery WHY

And Read The Verses. (Open) Mystery Verses Plus More Christendom

and Myths.SBT Is A Unique [BiblicalLOGISTIC] Kind Of Bible Library Because

It Main Purpose Is To Monitor What Bible Publishes Are Doing

To Increase The Accuracy Of What They Are Printing. Donít

be afraid to ask Questions? There is nothing to join,

no secret passwords to remember. Plus what you ask

is kept confidential. Contact US.††††


Open The Facts That Matter About Bibles What SBT Does. It Is Best

To Get Bible Truths From Bible Libraries because the Churches and 

Best Bible Websites have the reputation of adding Myths to

their Statements of Faith and Beliefs and Libraries and 

BestBible Encyclopedias And Bible Dictionaries do not that.

To Make a Good Informed Decision on Anything ĖOne

Must First Have Accurate Historical Documented Facts of

the Subject in Question. Bible Libraries Are The Best Source To Get Bible Truths. Many people

claim to have a lot of Knowledge About

the Bible, But is iACCURATE KNOWLEDGE 

Plus Accurate Original- Foot-Notes. [3][10-13] 

Tradition Verses. 

Open The Facts That Matter About Bibles 

What SBT Does. Contact US.The Number One Example of Accurate Knowledge Is In John 1:1

Open 70-John-1-1-Truths-- 3 Jesus/God Theologies--TrinityBestDescribedAndSimplified. 

Open Biblical Unitarian Articles Trinitarian-or-Unitarian-Does-It-Really-Matter

Understanding The Importance of FREE-WILL1. 

You Can Read The Introduction Page That Has All The

Main Topics Or Go Directly To Contents.


The Mystery Of John 1:1 Has Been Solved. First Details

Are In How The Scriptures Were Originally Written In GOD or god  

The Trinitarians Can No Longer Hide These 70 Historical

Bibles & More In 70John1:1Truths 

Spot Most  False Preachers Instantly & Trinity1. JesusMainMessage


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