Some Imaginations of God’s Head after the completed Bible-Study Images.htm

Note----Like –Water-Ice and Steam or Like an Egg—The Shell and Two inter Parts---God is not Like gold or

silver or stone--idolatrous Phantom images of God--For More Open and Study Godhead. It is a Greek word

that actually applies to how the Greeks described their many gods –it has no real meaning for YHWY and

The NASB and Others now render Divine Nature for accuracy.

Jesus Is In Heaven Now Rev22-16-21.htm and he is the Image (likeness) of His God and Father and His Creator

(Rev3-14 JesusHasTwoBeginningsBothScriptural) The Trinity is an Imaginary art Image--thought of man ---

after the completed Bible. All forms of mental False Images of God that are not Scriptural or Part of The Holy Verses are

Unholy –-Unholy Images are idolatrous images. KingJesusHasSPOKEN on Who –What and How to Worship!!!—

Study KingJesusHasSPOKEN. Compare Rev 21:8 for idolatrous activity. (likeness)

Jesus is the image of God –an image is not the original --Study-- Oneness.htm & Godhead.htm

  DenyingJesusLife.htm is DenyingJesus.htm Which One Is Not Real - SatanOrJesus.htm

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