Speaking In Tongues+and more- Both Views -open- Cessationism and Continuationism

God Had Already Gave Man All The Material Gifts Man Needed When He Created The Earth

It Has Been Up To Man to share its resource Open and Study -Gen1-29-31.htm

                                                           Speaking In Tongues

(1) Most Bible Scholars will agree that the Greatest Gift given to man is What Jesus did.

(2) Most Bible Scholars will agree that the Greatest Gift given to modern man is God’s Written Word

The Completed Bible and The Leaky Vessel See The-Role-Of-Gods-Holy-Spirit-Today.htm


                    We are to live by the Holy Writings it until Jesus comes to rule

Open Rev20-4-6.htm. If any thing is to be added to or taken away from the Holy Verses Jesus will be the one to medicate that in the Millennium

The Written Word prepares us for how we will be required to live under Jesus’ Rule.

 Nothing More /Nothing Less Open and Study 2Tim3-16-17.htm and -Rev22-16-21.htm-- Rom. 15:4 for commentary


                                                                        What About what happen to Job.

                                            Job was not an ISREALITE –But an good example—But His experience was a isolated incident.

                                                                     Christians Today should not expect what happen to Job will happen to us.

                                            Use Examples of How God Rewarded the Apostles. Open and Study 1Tim-6-6-12.htm


                                                                                         Today God Gives Spiritual Gifts

                                      Jesus and the Apostles didn’t go around giving people money and material gifts

                                                                                Open and Study Imitate.htm The ImitateRule.htm


                                                                   Give Free Matt10-8.htm - Matt7-7plus.htm

and True Ministers give to others Free of Charge and Most Donations Most have received has


For The Detailed Answers- Open and Study the following commentaries--For did tongues cease

Open and Study Cessationism or Continue Open and Study Continuationism 1Cor13-8-13.htm


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Sbt Does Not Get Into Criticisms of Individuals or Groups or organizations. Unscriptural Traditions –Is the Main Concern

Quoting Christ is not Criticisms—it is a Christian’s Duty--Study Ephesians 6:10-18 -Open [Verse 12 in Original Greek]  

The Library Advocates that each person thoroughly examine their Churches

Statement of Faith or Beliefs and agree with it before becoming a member

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Is God’s Name Christ?-The Church of Christ? or The Church of God

What Do Commentaries.htm Say About Acts 15:14


Acts 15:14  

 WEY: Symeon has related how God first looked graciously on the Gentiles
to take from among them a People to be called by His name. ...
Acts 15:14 Parallel 11Translations

Is God’s Name Christ?--The Church of Christ? or The Church of God?—Open and Study



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Open and Study Rom. 15:4 for commentary

For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance

and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.