Text 2 Is Who Is GOD to YOU? Has GOD Changed? Mal/3-6.htm.No. But man has Changed some of GODís inspired Words

to fit there own imaginary DOCTRINES. (R/in Bible Words Changed)

Text 2 is here for us today, a warding from Godís inspired original written word and not from imaginary conceptsóNC--58.htm

FREE-WILL. Eve Was Lied to and told Adam and neither repented and lost eternal life. For Salvation of eternal life we must not believe Lies.

What are Satan Lies today that cause us to lose out on eternal life? They are Theoretical Lies done by His ministers who are fooled by Satan

into thinking they are teaching the truth about Godís Word, but have been fooled just like EVE. Godís Word at John 4:24 informs

us that we just worship in spirit and truth and Paul wrote we are to Imitate what they taught because Jesus taught

them what God taught Jesus Open Imitate for all verses and details.

Truth for us today starts with knowing who God is without imaginary concepts- John17-3--JOHN-3-16-Plus.

Human (Life) is characterized by the need to distinguish between what is real and unreal and deceptive, pure and unadulterated

Like newborn babies, long for the (open) pure milk of the (GODís) words, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation, 1 Pet 2:2


If it is not the truth then it is a lieójust like what Satan told Eve. You will positively not die.

Eve Was Lied to and told Adam and neither repented and lost eternal life


Today. If we donít believe the truth of Godís Word to us without imaginary concepts DOCTRINES God is going to at the Great Tribulation


rendering vengeance to them that know not Yahweh, and to them that obey not the evangel of our Master Yahshua:


who shall suffer punishment, even eternal destruction from the face of the Master and from the glory of his might, 2-Thess-1-6-9-plus.htm

What happens to those that have been mislead with Theoretical Lies wittingly or unwittingly-R/in Theoretical Lies


Jesus never said he was God .So who made up that and WHY? 58.htm

WHO is Lying--Jesus and the Holy Spirit or the Nicene Creeds?



Jesus-----Testimony Of Himself


NiceneCreeds.htm ĖReads




DenyingJesusLife.htm Ė


EVERY Bible Tell us what Jesus said about life in Himself;


No mention by Jesus that later I will be defined by the Nicene Creeds. NiceneCreeds.htm


Full article R/inWHOSLyingJesusAndTheHolySpiritOrTheNiceneCreeds.htm






Bible Words Changed


Jesus is God Is a lie





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