TheBibleContradictsItself (

The Bible Contradicts Itself. When does that happen? 

The simple answer is when Bible Publishes Change Bible WordsDetails in LINKS.

Open 1d. Rom-3-4-God-Forbid-C-Notes. 


Many People Say So; Including: Bible Scholars, Bible Publishes and Others.

The Facts Are: That

The-Trinity Based Bible Publishes that say these things….

They are the very ones that cause their Bibles to contradict itself.


The Fact is These Same Theologians Down through

the years mostly after 325 C.E.[NC325/81]

They have tampered With the Scriptures to fit Their Own

Mental Imaginary Concept of



Mental Imaginary Concept Is

The Delusion Described in [TD Lie at 2Thess 8-12

Mental Imaginary Concepts Cause Contradictions


God is Perfect, and all His Word is Perfect,

but man has made God Word imperfect with

Unbiblical Words That Invalidate Gods Words.

Intentional Fallacy


Bible Words Changed

[Bible Words Changed Note]

It Is Amazing How So Many Pro-Claimed Christian Groups,

Individual + (Web-Sites open Plus Others)

States-2 Tim 3-16;


As The Ultimate Validity Verses of the Holy Verses

But Then They Quote Something That Is

Not Even In the Holy Verses-Open 3 In1 God


The Solution Is to Read

The Best None Trinity Based Bibles.