TheFactsThatMatter--The Bible is the only book in the world that tells the true history

of mankind and why the world is in the condition that it is. It also tells how God has

dealt with people which He (God) gave people Free-Will to govern themselves

after Adam and Eve disobeyed His one and only law not to eat of the forbidden fruit.

 The Bible took 1600 years to write and in it. It also tells us what God has promised

us about restoring the paradise[1] [2] conditions back to what Adam and Eve lost.

But to obtain this knowledge when that is going to happen we must first get an

Accurate Bible Translation. ChronologyOfTheBible estimates that Adam was

born 4026 years before Jesus’ birth. Jesus miraculous birth changed the whole

world’s time Table. It Is Now 2019. Even atheist goes by this world wide date.

Many knowledgeable Christian already knows this and the rest sadly do not know.

So now Open What SBT Does Then all you have to do is read it and ask the Librarian

to help you find anything about the Bible that you did not find by scanning through

the library pages and links in the pages that interest you.


It’s all free; there is nothing to join like many Bible Websites want you to do.

There are no secret codes to enter into a box to open this Website. You can help with

 the website expenses if you like what you learn by reading

through the library. But remember there is no obligated to do so.



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Also Good Study To Know Is In The Sole Purpose Of SBT,  ABOUTUS,

Preface. When Was the Bible Divided Into Chapters and Verses?


Why it is so hard for Bible Publishes to get a fully accurate

Bible today. Open Foot-Notes1 and Open 4.