Matthew 5:5 Ps 37:11

·                     mild-temperedThe inward quality of those who willingly submit to God’s will and guidance and who do not try to dominate others. The Greek term does not imply cowardice or weakness. In the Septuagint, the word was used as an equivalent for a Hebrew word that can be translated “meek” or “humble.” It was used with reference to Moses (Nu 12:3), those who are teachable (Ps 25:9), those who will possess the earth (Ps 37:11), and the Messiah (Zec 9:9; Mt 21:5). Jesus described himself as a mild-tempered, or meek, person.​—Mt 11:29.

inherit the earth: Jesus is likely referring to Ps 37:11, where “the meek” are said to “possess the earth.” Both the Hebrew (ʼeʹrets) and the Greek (ge) words for “earth” can refer to the entire planet or to a specific land area, such as the Promised Land. The Scriptures indicate that Jesus is the foremost example of one who is mild-tempered. (Mt 11:29) Various Bible verses show that as King he would inherit authority over the entire earth, not just a portion of it (Ps 2:8; Re 11:15), and his anointed followers would share in this inheritance (Re 5:10). In  ownership of the earth, but the privilege of enjoying life in Paradise, the earthly realm of the Kingdom.​—See study note on Mt 25:34.


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