The Simple Explanation of The Trinity and Compare TrinitySimplified.htm & TrinityReferenceLibrary2.htm

The Trinity is a mental Imaginary-Concept of Gods head.

The word Godhead is not even an original manuscript word—original word is

Divine Nature open Godhead.

The one word that make Jesus God at The Nicene Creed Meeting

Which is not a Bible word and did not come from any Bible writer

It is The Greek Word  Homoousion Open Homoousion

The Nicene Creed Makes could not

distinguish the difference between scripture and

The First Nicene Creed was in 325 A.D. Which was 292 years

after Jesus Died when they declared Jesus to be God (Oneness)

in 381 They make the Trinity a Holy Doctrine

2.3 Comparison between Creed of 325 and Creed of 381  

Trinity Is Now Termed as Open  Homoousion-Sustance-3 In1 God- Theology


4-Trinity Starts with N0 4 on the in SBT's 

in the right third column


6-Jesus ID’S Himself

7-Oneness According to the Nicene Creeds Then open Jesus


 58.htm The Reason Why Most Churches Teach

People That Jesus Is God.(Includes Review and SelfTest)

Who’s Testimony is Right About ***Jesus ***? SBT-Has The History Facts –With Many References

Best Bibles and why

What makes One Bible move accurate then another