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The YHWH Are The Four Letters In Hebrew For 

God’s Name. 

It Has Now Been Discovered To Be Pronounced

Yehovah For Hebrew-Jehovah For Enghish.html

Which Means--He will cause to become.

God Gave That Name To Himself and No Other

Being Can Do What He Can Do. He causes

Anything to happen at His Will.

 Berean Study Bible  Rev 4-11.htm
“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory

and honor and power, for You created all things; by Your

 will they exist, and came to be.”

Compare (Rev. 4:11) NWT

Lu 2:11. Along these lines, some translations of the Christian

Greek Scriptures into Hebrew (referred to as J5-8, 10 in App. C)

use the rendering ma·shiʹach Yeho·wahʹ, that is,

 “Jehovah’s Christ.” For these and other reasons, some have

understood the term at Lu 2:11 in a way similar to the

Greek expression rendered “the Christ of Jehovah” at Lu 2:26.


of Theology of GOD

Yehovah: New 1,000+ Manuscripts with Yehovah 

Hebrew Pronunciation of God plus Much more about the 


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God’s Name means He will cause to become"

 Previously Know as

YHWH YeHoWaH Stands for God’s Name in Hebrew

Writing 4 Letters for YHWH Jehovah Or Yahweh.

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