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Open GOD gave Himself this Name because no other can be what it means 

He will cause to become"

YHWH –The meaning of GOD’s Name is He will cause to become" usually understood as

"He causes to become— The Best Is Here Open-- Hallelujah  


 SWhy do we have all these different Sizes of LORD --Lord--lord, LORD  

God- god my lord,The is important to why this occurs

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... God (good). Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures two chief names are used for
the one true divine Being--ELOHIM, commonly translated ... 
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Moses' Question about the 'Name' of GOD.

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Question Reads

 11 But Moses asked God: 'Just who am I that I should go to PharaOh the king of Egypt and

bring the children of IsraEl out that land?'


12 And God replied, 'I will be with you! This [place] will serve as the sign that I'm sending


you. So, when you bring My people out of Egypt, you must serve God on this mountain.'


13 Then Moses said to God: 'Look, I'll go to the children of IsraEl and tell them,

The God of our ancestors has sent me to you, but they're going to ask,

What is His Name? So, what should I tell them?'


14 And God told Moses, 'I am The Being! So, just tell the children of IsraEl that

The Being has sent you.'


15 Then God said to Moses, 'Say to the Sons of IsraElJehovah the God of

our ancestors –the God of AbraHamIsaAc, and Jacob – has sent me to you.

That's My Name through the ages and it's how I should be remembered

 from generation to generation.





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The primary reasoning for replacing the name of Yahweh with something

 else is 'tradition'.In other words, "As long as everyone else does it,

 it must be okay". This statement runs true in the majority of modern

English translations.


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... of the name into other alphabets from very ancient times confirm this. ...

We have heard the excuses, now let's see what Yahweh's word has to say about ...





NASB/w/Strong’s---Chick on LORD --LORD     Strong’s No. 3068




 The New American Standard Bible



 Book of Deuteronomy

Chapter 18 - Read This Chapter




"When you enter the land which the LORD your God gives you, you shall not learn to 

imitate the detestable things of those nations.

jyhl) hwhy (8800) ur)h )B (8802) hT(8802) yK 
eehh eywGh tb(wtK tw&(l dmlt 
(8799)-)l jl aetn


Strong's Number:  03068



Original Word

Word Origin




from (01961)

Transliterated Word

Phonetic Spelling





Parts of Speech



Proper Name





Jehovah = "the existing One"

  1. the proper name of the one true God
    1. unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of 0136

 Translated Words


KJV (6519) - GOD, 4; JEHOVAH, 4; LORD, 6510; variant, 1;

NAS (6824) - GOD, 314; LORD, 6399; LORD'S, 111;


Chapter 1-6  and 18-9 Open--

6 ‘It was while we were at Mount Horeb that [Jehovah]

Chapter 18    Click on Jehovah

1 ‘None of the Priests, including the whole tribe of Levi, will have any inheritance in Israel,

 because the burnt offerings of [Jehovah] are their inheritance and what they will eat.

2 They will have no inheritance among their brothers, because [Jehovah] is their portion,

 just as He told them.


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