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Themselves or They Are Not Based On The Original Hand Written

Manuscripts--Start With Open Theology Definition Plus

All verses and *GOD Defined* Biblical Theology in Harmony 

From Gen 1:26 3:22 to Rev 22-16-21 No Single Verse Can

Contradict Another. If YOU need help about Best Bibles

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Harmony SBT Starts With Open Prov 8-22

Next Col-1-15.htm 

Rev 1:1 11:1


Heb 13:8.

Matt 28:18 .

Who Came In The Flesh Open-*GODS *


Open and Study Satan And Jesus 

Which One Is Not Real?

Sbt gives you access to both

 Types of Theologies of GOD-Plus Others 

are Godhead Believers.


Is Jesus Real To You Part 2


What Is Holy Plus HolyDoctrinesAndMore. 

Is it True That Trinitarians And Oneness Bible Teachers 

Don’t Believe Jesus is Real?

Review-2Tim3-16-17.htm & Jn 17:3

For Main List Open PlusOthers.htm-

For the definition of Faith and Church 

Open Faith-Explained.

Expository Library Luke 8-17

SBT Is Based On Open Biblical Theology

And Biblical LOGISTICS.


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