Carm has The Homoousion Belief Theology Quiz

If you answer the questions Based on 2 Tim 3-16-17; & Rev 22-16-21 Holy Ssriptures Only

                     and Imitating Jesus Apostles Teachings the test results come up incorrect

                     The Questions are tricky and Based on Homoousion -Theology 3 In1 God

                     Have some fun and take the Quiz open Theology Quiz

                     Now Readers * You are Invited* To participate about Best-Bible Facts

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God YHWH/Yahweh/Jehovah Jehovah O rYahweh-GOD or god

GODSupreme- What Is a god-GodTheSon BlottingOutGodsName
Jesus Jesus-Life Lies-John-1-1 JOHN1onePLUS
Gods Spirit/Breath
Pleasing God
Devotions in pure Worship
Trinity / Oneness Movement-Open
T/O T a & Aa.0A4 a
Un-Biblical Theology
First Letter Topic Search For Anything Else
Christian History
What is SBT?


What Do You Believe?- in Compare All Faiths Chart. STATEMENTs/Beliefs-Jesus Main Message.htm

T/Os Facts.htm-DOCTRINEBuster1.htm and C 


Review-2Tim3-16-17.htm & Jn 17:3

For Main List

Open PlusOthers.htm-

For the definition of Faith and Church

Open Faith-Explained.htm