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Study God’s Word or Just Relax and Lessen To Some Beautiful

Christian Songs. Mostly Christian People Singing Live Performances

That Have Been Recorded=Example

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                 Dr  Rev Singer -1 ABrand New World -

            2 A Brand New World=Whole Different Song Excellently Done

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Be Contagious and Strong with Jehovah’s Help

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[Whitney Houston I Look to You


WhenYouBelieve With MariahCarey 


64 - "Make the Truth Your Own" -1,392,356 views

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Songs And Perferenes, Vocal and Not Vocal Music 


That We All Need Desperately At This Time 

       Because OThe Global Pandemic.

SBT Has The Best of The Best  N0.-1 Is Song By The 

       Most Beautiful Female Real Voice Today 

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Brand New World-

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Peter 5:10 Commentaries: With Lyrics Under The Singer. 


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 Just A Smile" from Romania -


I Just Wanna Stay With You 2018 演唱會 主題曲

Jehovah is always by our side - YouTube



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