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            2 A Brand New World=Whole Different Song Excellently Done

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[Best Song] Be Contagious and Strong with Jehovah’s Help

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[3-1BrandNewWorld50+Songs] [3]

Next Whitney [Whitney Houston I Look to You

WhenYouBelieve With MariahCarey 

64 - "Make the Truth Your Own" -1,392,356 views

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       Most Beautiful Female Real Voice Today Open  "Be Courageous and Strong" 5/10/2020 From 

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Let's Take The Leap Original Songs 

I Will Make You Strong-Read Peter 5:10 Biblehub-

Peter 5:10 Commentaries: With Lyrics Under The Singer. 


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 Just A Smile" from Romania -


I Just Wanna Stay With You 2018 演唱會 主題曲

Jehovah is always by our side - YouTube



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Roy Orbison in Roy Orbison Sings 4,067,829 Views "Our Joy Eternally" 2020-Band Collab - 

Roy Orbison In Dreams YouTube 7,184,051 Views---Special Kingdom MelodiesYouTube

(120) Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline (Live AThe Greek Theatre / 2012) - YouTube 15,355,535 Views • Jul 27, 2018

Now We Are One Song  I Will Always Love You Ghita-Satisfied-OneVulgarWordInThisSong

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      THING Different. [Then Losinig YouTube Tag OThe-X-AThe Right-Free-Songs

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      The Meet Will Inherit The Earth [Whitney Houston] [Dean Martin singing going back to Houston]

       Next Is For Prayer Start With-Open You] {Lots Of-Black-Great Woman- Singers-60/2021} 

      [Some One Please Get To-VP-HARRIS]-The Follering

      IHistorical [Open] [ArethaFranklin Isayalittleprayer]Tap On Full Screen [Women Of Soul Proud Mary] 

           Open [Tina Turner The Girl From Nutbus Proud Mary] Compare Open[1]

      [2TheBestToOfElvis ProudMary] Next Open [Watch Aretha Franklin Make President Obama 

        Emotional][2] [Natalie Cole Unforgettable Concert] [Dorothy Dandridge-1998] [Josephine Baker Portrait-1999] [Elvis Presley

      Lisa Presley GoogleNext Open[Don't Cry Daddy-Lisa & Father Elvis Presley Singing Together-2018 

       Concerts] [InTheGhett Elvis/LisaPresley] Next Michael Jackson-Can You Feel It As They 


Tina Turner - The Girl From Nutbush (1992) | #HappyBirthdayTina - Plump Their BUTS

[Michael Jackson Dis-Fellowshiped  From  Jehovahs  Witnesses ] You Just Heard Michael 

LIVE & Brothers Singing  .I'll be there, Now Here Open [Elvis Presley I'll be there] Next Up In Hawaii

It Has -3-PARTS HOTPart  Open [1-EIvis PresleyAloha From Hawaii, Live in Honolulu,The Ultimate Full 

C] [Presley LifestyleFamily, Net Worth, HouseTour,Car,AgeBiography1-19-2021[Elvis Presley Best gospel 

Music][Elvis PresleyDeathGreaseSTARTS[ElvisPresleyWikipedia[ElvisPresley/ LisaPresley-SingingTogether]

[MichealJacksonFamily] [MichaelJackson & Elvis Presley] [Highest Earning Dead Celebrity 

      [Elvis PresleyBestgospelMusic

] [Before All The Above We [HadRats]-Hay Dancers


       Sway With Dean Martin Sway] Tag Cockies In DeanMartinCompilation-SongsVariety-Show-PAR

MUST-WATCH-DEAN MARTIN & FRANK SINATRA -FUNNY  [JonathanNelson-I-Believe-IslandMedley-LIVE]       [Best7Bibles Plus}3-Doctrines  [There's Nothing Really Simple About The Christian 

BeliefSince 325 SBTsBELIEVES. SBT/ContactUs.   [God & Jesus 2 Not 1] Open [P1]

Ghita -Satisfied (OMV) One Vulgar Word IGhita's Song  547,248 Views • Premiered Dec 31, 2020

FifthHarmony-Work from Home (Official Video) ft. Ty Dolla $ign 2,393,957,821 views Feb 26, 2016 20.htm