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Tradition Open Colossians 2:8-&-Titus 1:14 Biblical Definition a

Doctrine Is, sentiment, or custom not found in the Bible, 

but transmitted orally from generation to generation

from some presumed inspired authority. In Patriarchal

[1] times, much that was valuable and obligatory was

thuspreserved. But tradition has long been superseded

by the successive and completed revelations of God’s

Word [will] which form the inspired Scriptures, Some

Other Verses QuotedIsaiah 8:20, 2 Thess 3:6


And Read Verses 7 to 15

Verses 9 to 12 Tells About What God Does To

Those That Believe In Lies-Like The-


Tradition Teachings Excludes The

NiceneCreeds#Comparison BetweenCreedof 325AndCreedof381

The Penalty For Believing False Doctrines Which

Are The Same As Lying—Open Lies.  

Verses 9 to 12



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 Greek - tradition, traditions

• Greek - received by tradition from one's fathers

 Hebrew - tradition

• Hebrew - tradition


The apostles were essentially saying no more Doctrines

are needed .What is needed (Today)is

Good Teachers to explain the Words God has already

provided for us.


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2Ti 3:17


(ASV)  That the man of God may be complete, furnished completely 

unto every good work.


(CEV)  The Scriptures train God's servants to do all kinds of good deeds.


(GNB)  so that the person who serves God may be

 fully qualified and equipped to do every kind of good deed.


(GW)  They equip God's servants so that they are completely

prepared to do good things.


(ISV)  so that the man of God may be complete and thoroughly

 equipped for every good work.


(KJV)  That the man of God may be perfect, throughly 

furnished unto all good works.


(KJV+)  That2443 the3588 man444 of God2316 may be5600 perfect,739 

thoroughly furnished1822 unto4314 all3956 good18 works.2041


(LITV)  so that the man of God may be perfected,

being fully furnished for every good work.


(MKJV)  that the man of God may be perfected, 

thoroughly furnished to every good work.


(MSG)  Through the Word we are put together and

shaped up for the tasks God has for us.


adequateequipped for every good work.


Any Thing Else Would Logically

***Insult *** The Divine Author

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He will cause to become--- TETRAGRAMMATON.htm


Question?—Can the Bible be Explained Logically--Answer—

Yes –-But Not by Theologians that use Bibles that have been

Translated in a Mysterious Way. Read the Background of

Translating and Then Reason on Luke  1-3  and  Acts 9-22—

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Open 2Th 2:15 - In Context | 
So thenbrethrenstand firm and hold to the traditions

 which you were taughtwhether by word of mouth or 

by letter from us.

The apostles were essentially saying no more

Doctrines are needed .What is needed (Today)is

Good Teachers to explain the Words God has

already provided for us.


Open Mr 7:13 - In Context |

thus invalidating the word of God by your tradition

which you have handed down;

 and you do many things such as that."


Most Proclaimed Christian Teachers Have 

ImitateThe Jews.By using

Words That Invalidating the words of God by

your traditional Teachings Today

handed down  from the 4th Century


Open  UnbiblicalWordsThatInvalidateGodsWords.htm

Plus AFact.htm


Part 3 is Imitate.htm or 

1 is MysteryVersesPlusMore.htm


Since The Completed Bible there have been only

Translators and Commentators-- Rev22-16-21.



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