Trinity Articles and Jn 1:1. In the beginning existed the Word, and the Word existed with God, and the Word was a God.2 In the beginning this one existed with God. 3 Everything came into being through him, and without him nothing came into being. That which came into being Compare Refences in AAIsJesusRealToYOU.htm.& Jesus htm John-1-1-Truths.


                                                     Trinity Truths

Who Introduced The term Trinity- Answer Tertullian—T-worship Chart in W John-1-1

Who First Introduced the Term Trinity into Christology and When?

Answer Tertullian-Open Ref in Specific Teachings of Tertullian-Writings.htm & TnnityDates.htm

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See (8) open 381==one holy catholic and apostolic Church One Main T-worship Chart in W

Trinity Reference Library 2 The Testimony of God

and the testimony of men Open TrinityReferenceLibrary2.htm


Compare -Trinity-Bible-Org-Q-A-Topic-57-282.htm


Important Note –Ask those that believe and preach and teach the Trinity-is a valid Bible Treaching and ask if one does not believe it will Jesus

Let them come through the great tribulation and Armageddon ---And Most Will Say NO –Your salvation depends upon believing in the Holy Ttinity They answer.

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Then study the July-Special (open) Imitate Jesus

and his Apostles and make your own conclusion.


Now That We Are In The CommunicationsAge.htm--20.htm   We Can ***Examine ***  Everything Ourselves

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                         Trinity Stuff+ Relaled Verses --ect. Full History of The Trinity

0511Strongs-defined +  Compare Many Different Translations –in –Prov-8-22.htm  and read verses 24 and 25 in any Bible.




                                                                          the-god.htm thegod2316.htm -TwTwC.htm-





Theology--Based-On (}Homoousion/T--(1) Front Page --Catholicism-Catechism Theology+


                                                Compare-MY-GOD- MY-GOD-in-John-20-28

                                The Correct Grammer rule for Jn1:1 is in TheosGod-2316-God-god-Strongs N0’S.htm-Hotest Topic

               Compare Homoousion To The Original Text and You Can Learn Bible/Mythology-Theology

The Correct Grammer rule for Jn 1:1 is in TheosGod-2316-God-god-Strongs N0’S.htm & Example1Jn1-1.htm

& GODorgod.htm GODTheos.htm Or TheosGODStudy Theology/Homoousion (Substance in Heb1-3.htm)

To The Original Text and You Can Learn Biblical Mythology----


Compare Biblical-Theology.htm Some Imaginations of God’s Head Study Images of God’s Hesd.


See CopticsPlus.htm The Coptics.htm ArianismGD.htm--ArianTheology and FourMainPoints.htm HowTheBibleBooksWereChoosen.htm--

The Reason Why Most Churches Teach People That Jesus Is God. Study 58

HowTheBibleBooksWereChoosen.htm--ArianismGD.htm--ArianTheology and FourMainPoints.htm

 Polycarp’s Writings -Polycarp of Smyrna Who Was Part of The Origin First Century Christian

                                                                                     Jesus htm

Jesus is LORD, (LORD-Compare 1T1-17) which appears in St Paul's Epistle to the Romans 10:9. The meaning and importance of this slogan comes from its affirmation that Jesus Christ is the god Yahweh of Judaism incarnate, a doctrine thought impossible and indeed blasphemy by the rest of the Jewish community.

As Christianity wrestled with the implications of this statement, its developing theology required more complex formulations



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                                           0511Strongs-defined +  Compare Many Different Translations –in -Prov8-22.htm

                                               WhatIsagod.htm -GODorgod.htm--Coptics.htm--CopticsPlus.htm--Aa.htm


                          The Trinity/Oneness Movement Doctrinal Creeds Declare Jesus To Be a Liar

                               Study SatanOrJesus.htm   Christendom C & D--AAIsJesusRealToYOU.htm.

John 1:1

The only logical explaination for Printing Bibles with (The Word Was God ) instead of--- and the Word a god --is

--a different spirit. For Details

 Study 57.htm-1 Cor 11:4 - [In Context] 11:5 - [In Context] GODorgod.htm--AllManuscriptsWereWrittenInAllCaps.htm

                                                        Same in --Study DenyingJesusLife.htm is DenyingJesus.htm

                                            Joh 10:30 I and the Father are one. Study Oneness.htm  5.htm 8.htm


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