Trinity- The Trinity is a mental Imaginary-Concept of Gods head.

Comparison between creed of 325 and creed of 381-Nicene Creeds

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The Trinity is a mental Imaginary-Concept of Gods head.

The Nicene Creed Makers Could Not Distinguish the Difference

Between Scripture and a Imaginary-Concept of Open Gods head

They Imaginary word that make Jesus God Open Homoousion

--Sustance3 In1 God--- 

Understanding True Theology

Compare to --Imaginary-Concept 3 In1 God--- 

There are 3 Jesus/God Theologies.


     The Trinity Called Today Open Trindirty


The word Godhead is not an original manuscript word

Original word is Divine Nature  Open Godhead

What About John 1:1 Open 70-John-1-1-Truths.htm      

Other Bible Errors R/in Bible Words Changed

The Three Worst Mistakes in all Bibles Are. 


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The First Christians Did Not Believe Jesus Was God or Any Part Of A Trinity

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3 Common Sense Reasons Why the Trinity is a False Doctrine


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