TrinityNote-Analyzing The Words Homoousian

Same As Homoousion. The Unbiblical Word(s) 

That Made Jesus God. Homoousion

Substance , Consubstantial And


There Are Open 3 Jesus/God Theologies.

(1) Homoousian (Greekὁμοούσιος, from the Greekὁμόςhomůs,

"same" and οὐσίαousŪa, "essence, being") is a technical

theological termused in discussion of the Christian understanding

of God as Trinity From Wikipedia


(2) One Substance With The Father; 

God the FatherGod the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

are "of the same Substance "



Substance Definition Google

Google Showing Results For

The Make Up

What Is Difference Between Substance And Ingredients

Substance is physical matter; material while 

Ingredient Is One of the Substances

Present In A Mixture.

The Unbiblical Word(s) That Made Jesus God Is In 

Homoousion. And Where--Where Were the Nicene

Council Members When God Was Creating Things?

Open Where.


Today They Use Open Consubstantial. These

Words Are All Unbiblical Words That Make Jesus

God In 325 A.D And 381 A.D Homoousion SBT.


Wiki/Consubstantiality (Latin: consubstantialitas),

Or coessentiality (Latincoessentialitas),

Is a Notion In Christian Theology referring to the 

Common properties of the divine persons 

Of the Christian Trinity.


Definition of Notion

A reflection in the mind of real objects and

Phenomena In their essential features and relations.

I.E. i.e. Meaning

Is A Mental  Imaginary-Concept of Godís head.


The Nicene Creed Makers o325 and 381

Claimed They Knew The Make Up of God.

Substance is physical matter; material while 

Ingredient Is One of the Substances

Present In A Mixture.


Can You Imagine That? 

They Had The Audacity

To Say They Knew The

(3) [essence+meaning]


or Consubstantial.


Homoousion Of God 


and Jesus' life. 


Details In Where.


Compare Wikipedia

1.3Comparison between creed of 325 and creed of 381

begotten, not made, being of 

one substance with the Father;

325 the only-begotten Son of God,

Begotten of the Father 

before all worlds (śons), 381

Compare Trinity Revisional Updates1.

Learn About The Nicene Creeds

Revised Updates- 

Why is it necessary to keep revising the 

Nicene Creeds Century after Century?

Does Godís Change?



Compare Different Greek Words of (Greekὁμοούσιος, from

the Greekὁμόςhomůs,"same" and οὐσίαousŪa, "essence, being")




It is hard to believe that anyone would

be so Gullible as to believe this Gibberish.

They Continue With More Open Unbiblical Words

That Mades Jesus/God

Homoousion - Wikipedia.

Matt 12 37

For by your words you will be acquitted, and by

your words you will be condemned.


Unbiblical Words That Invalidate Gods Wordsó

The Trinity IS a Myth.

And Rev22-16-21

NO Add-Ons


Donít Mess With Godís Words.


Keep Reading There Is More

What About The 

Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost

or Holy Spirit.

This Phase Was Never Used By The Apostles And

Disciples In The First Century To Baptized People.

Learn The Original Words Used.

Open Matt-28-19-S.html


The Absolute Fact Is. This

No Man Can Know What God Is Made Of Or 

They Would Be Equal To God Or GODís 



The Bible Tells Us That All Words In The Bible Is

Inspired By God Not But By

The Nicene Creed Makers of 325 A.D.

Can Any Man Dispute That?  

Conformations Are In

2 Timothy 3:16 Commentaries:

All Scripture is inspired by God. Bible Hub




No Add-ons.

Like Homoousion Is Is an Add-on.


Plus Understand Jesus Has A God.

Open Rev-3-12-14. He Is Not God the Son.

That Is Another Add-on.


If you believe Godís Word Then How Can You Believe

The Trinity Which Is A 

Mental  Imaginary-Concept of Godís head.

Open Godís head and get the original

Meaning. Wikipedia also Uses the word

Concept. Excerpt: Those notions became

cornerstones of theology in Nicene Christianity,

and also represent one of the most important


Concepts within the Trinitarian doctrinal understanding of God. †††††††††


[3]] From


Open Trinity Best Described And Simplified.html


Understand This Absolutely.

If YOU believe a lie wittingly or unwittingly then teach

that lie to others that makes YOU a Liar. Satan wants YOU

 to lie and die eternally-Revelation 21:8 Commentaries:

All Liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with

fire andbrimstone

, which is the second death 

Second Death  there is No return. No resurrection.


Donít Mess With GODís Words.html


Open And Study Where 

And Get All The Details.

Thou Shall Not Lie.

Open Lies  And Satans Delight. 


Listen to how good this preacher is at 

Telling you about the Homoousion  Lie. 


R.C. Sproul: For the Doctrine of the Trinity - YouTube 

It is almost at the end of His talk. Scroll to 48 in the minute scale.

Open Godhead For Full Details.

Before We Can Understand The Bible

Fully We First Most Understand What Man

Really Knows About The Almighty God


And His 

Only Begotten SON. 


He sent to earth to sacrifice himself so we

may have the opportunity to gain everlasting life.

You Have 3 Choices.  

Open 3 Jesus/GodTheologies.


Get The Facts That Matter For Yourself: , and Yahoo

Enter Into The Search Boxes: 

The First Christians Did Not Believe Jesus

Was God or Any Part Of A Trinity

Results Open




Results Open JesusWasNotGodorAnyPartOfATrinity.html


3 Common Sense Reasons Why the Trinity is a False Doctrine


For those that like to debate The Trinity you can do it with




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More Details in 



The Trinity Blasphemes The Holy Spirit. Details In


BlasphemousTRINITY -


What Happed To Arius. Arius[1][3]

(c. AD 256Ė336)

Arius stated: "If the Father begat the Son, then he who was

begotten had a beginning inexistence, and from this it follows

there was a time when the Son was not."[6] Nonetheless,

the Ecumenical First Council of Nicaea of 325, convened

by Emperor Constantine to ensure Church unity, deemed

Arianism to be a heresy."[9] According to Everett Ferguson,

"The great majority of Christians had no clear views about the

nature of the Trinity and they did not understand what was at

stake in the issues that surrounded it."[9]

Ten years later, however, Constantine the Great, who

was himself baptized by the Arian bishop 

Eusebius of Nicomedia,[10][11] convened another gathering of

Church leaders at the regional First Synod of Tyre in 335

(attended by 310 bishops), to address various charges

mounted Against Athanasius by his pro-Arius detractors,

such as "murder, illegal taxation, sorcery, and treason",

following his refusal to readmit Arius into fellowship.[6] 

Athanasius wasexiled to Trier (in modern Germany)

following his conviction at Tyre of conspiracy,

and Arius was, effectively, exonerated.[12]

Athanasius eventually returned to Alexandria

in 346 A.D., two years after the deaths of both

Arius and Constantine.


Arianism Different Than Watchtower Theology.


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