Two Open-Ways-Plus-God Says-Right or Wrong--Open G/3-3Commentay. NOW ---Two Ways Right Or Wrong Plus Expressions

Recommended reading for Spiritual Health. Open MInd-Set.htm and State Of Mind these pages explains how things are written and perceived.

How many Two Ways Expressions are there?

Here are some


Truth or deception,

My way or the High Way,

The good and the ugly bad,

Two paths one wide one narrow,

YOU are with me or against me,

Keep my word or YOU are not my disciples,

yfirst and the Last. The good and the bad e narrow.effects are lives

e caseThe first and the Last, Whatís Right about GOD GOD or god óNC--58.htm

Jesus is the first creation of God or not. JESUS Is God or He has a Live of his own Trinity or Not al in HomoousionCE.htm

Donít Add Or Take Anything.

Godís way or Satanís way Gen 3- to Rev 12.9, Imitate God or not

Open WarGlorifyingWARWhy.htm

Open WarsNoHolyWarsForChristiansTodayWhy2011Eph-6-12.htm

Open WatchingTheWorld.htm

Free As God-FREE-WILL to Imitate and follower Jesusí Example. 

Joh-6:38 For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will,

but the will of him that sent me. Not to do mine own willó

Is Free-Will -Joh 10:18-

No one takes it from me; I lay it down of my own free will,

Read commentarties, Open John/10-18.htman see if was Jesus created with Free Will or Not?

Some people say NO--Add Your Comment. NC--58.htm


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