GODorgod had the Bible written so we would know Facts, Not Myths.

You Answer.

Participate In what you know to be true.

Survey Questions asked based on R/In  1-Pe-3-15sbt

 and 3-15.biblos.

Always to give an answer

 Is Jesus Real To You


The Word Became Flesh. So does the word which is Jesus have life in himself as

 YOU do and as the Holy Scriptures say or he is as the Nicene Creeds imagine. Wa-In.

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SBT- Survey Questions to share with this free Public Bible Library that wants to know how Christian Chuches of the world and YOU answer.

People have the right to question anything (R /in FW) DO YOU AGREE? Copy questions and write answers 1 2 3 and so on.

Reminder about the facts and not imaginary mental concepts. God had the Bible written so we would know Facts Not Myths.

(2) Should True Christians make up religious Holiday’s or Should The/ GOD.

(3) Name One Bible Penman or Any Hebrew Prophet, Priest, Rabbi, Scribe of Pharisee or Any First Century Christian that Taught

That God is a Two in One or Three in One God—Trinity--Two or Three Separate Persons, but Still One God. Is that Fact or Fiction?

 Name Just One—More If YOU Can, The Bible Penmen Are --Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Gad, Nathan, Jeremiah, Ezra,

Nehemiah, Mordecai, (David, Asaph, Heman + possibly others unnamed wrote the Psalms), Solomon, Agur, Lemuel, Isaiah, Jeremiah,

Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Matthew,

 Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, Peter and Jude. From 40_penmen_that_wrote_the_Bible#ixzz1gNllXKRJ

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(4) Who Was First One to Introduced the Trinity and When was JesusLife Declared as part of The Holy Trinity?


(5) Important Survey for Salvation-Can any word(s) in the Bible be changed to fit someone’s personal Beliefs Yes Or No.


(6) How to identify a false preacher easily? –Related question (13)


(7) Who baptized the Apostles?


(8) PreordainedPredestinePreexistences---What do these words mean in the Bible?


(9) Imitating God by Judging is a Free-WILL Choice, why do we do it?


(10) Is God involved in War-Sports,-Wealth,-Miracles, Today 2012?


(11) What is a god


(12) Does the Bible Contradict Itself?


(13) What or Who are False  Preachers?

(14) What does begotten mean and who was the first one to be begotten?


(15)The Truth about Christmas and Who Started it, God or Man?


(16) Add-onsWhat are they in the Bible?-R/in -Rev-22- and comment on them


(16) Where Were the Nicene Council Members When God Was Creating Things-Compare ?


Did They Bring Forth God and His Only Begotten Son into Existence as to Explain Their Make Up.


 Compare homoiousios.htm  JOB 38.html v 2&4  


(17) Outside are the dogs, Read Rev 22:15 in context Read

 Who let the DOGS OUT?

Additional Related Questions

(1) Who Was Jesus?

(2) Was God Jesus’ Father?

(3) Where Was Jesus’ Father When Jesus Was On Earth?

(4) Was Jesus Human or Spirit?

(5) Where Did Jesus Come From?

(6) Why Did Jesus Come Here?

(7) How Did He Get Here?

(8) Is Jesus Just Another Personality of God?


Note-Many men make DOCTRINES and beliefs’ use words or verses in 

The Bible that may suggest, infer, insinuate or Imply (Like-- I-AM)

what they believe, but are not specifically

taught in the Holy Verses. References–In Imitate the Holy Verses.


SBT Is looking for facts not man made Imaginary Concepts.

 It is up to each individual to search out the things that have been added to God words since the death of the apostles—

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YOU are welcome Search the Library for help---

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Subjections R/in

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May God Bless YOU—

Many say God Bless YOU but think about that also ---Which one is right—

God Bless YOU—Or-- May God Bless YOU?


Colossians 4:6 Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt,

 so that you may know how to answer everyone.

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