What SBT Does: SBT Examines All Available Open Bibles and Read

 BibleWordsChanged. They Are In Most All BestTrinityBasedBible

And All Man Made Christian Doctrines, Most Are Based On The

 BestTrinityBasedBible.  SBT Examines All Verse By Verse Commentary of

The Whole Bible , And Bible Chronology (Example In 1914.htm)

For Accuracy With The Unique Method of BiblicalLOGISTICS 

Unknown To Christendom. They Use Homoousion Theology Myths 


This Is Very Serious Words From Jesus At

Matt-12-35,36,37. Examine Open Good and Bad Fruit. It Reads

First Start With. 35 The good man brings good things out of his good

store of treasure, and the evil man brings evil things out of his evil

store of treasure. (Now Here’s The Meaning In Verses 36)

36 Withs/Strong’s N0s. But I tell you that men will give an account on the day

of judgment for every careless word [Open Words] they have spoken. 

37 For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be

condemned.”… Compare Unbiblical Words That Invalidate Gods Words 

And Rev22-16-21 And Theoretical Lies.   


SBT Imitates The Apostles And Jesus To Do The Will of God.

Open Imitate, ImitateRule and ImitateWho.

Open TheFactsThatMatter Tells you why the Bible

was written for your benefit.


Paul's Farewell to the Ephesians Concentrate on

Verses 26 Therefore I testify to you this day that

I am innocent of the blood of all men. 27 For I

did not shrink back from declaring to you the

whole will of God. SBT Does Not Shrink Back.

SBT The Investigating Work To Get To The Real

Accurate Truth About Any Bible Related Topic and 

Also Open The Facts That Matter  About Why The Bible Was Written

 For Your Benefit. Plus Open Foot-Notes1 And Learn Why Good 

Accurate Foot-NotesAre So Essential In Getting The Truth.


SBT has the answers to the most important questions

with logical answers that humans can understand.


Did God know Adam and Eve would sin and 

does God know all?

What is God doing for us today?

Is our whole life predestine before birth?

If you was God what would have done with Adam and Eve?

Do you want God to make the laws or man?

Does God take the blame for anything you do because

He gave you FREE-Will ?

Does God take the blame for you having children?


First Learn God Is Not a Mystery. 

God’s First born has taught us a lot about Him.

Open MysteryVersesPlusMore then ask any question and you will

receive as Jesus said At Matt 7-7 (If it is God's Will) 

Ask The librarian@simplebibltruths.net To Elaborate.


Are You Interested In The Future For Mankind And All Creation

Where A Government (Kingdom) That Jesus Rules.    

Jesus Will Rule For1000 Years Soon, As Prophesied.

And The Meek Will Inherit The Earth Then. The Only Real Hope

For World Peace. The Meek Are The Only One's That Will Make It 

Through The Great Tribulation If you want more about this prophecy write 

The librarian@simplebibltruths.net  Also Read Humble 



Open Satan Knows The Scriptures Better Then Any Man.


Read Matt-10-8 About Free Information And The Truth About Donations

What  Donations  Are Used For.


Open And Learn What Makes This Library And Librarian

Unique About Bible Interpretation.

And What Does This Library And Librarian Do That Is special.




And Learn About The Most Popular Bibles Top Subjects.


Open What SBT Does

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Also Good Study To Know Is In The Sole Purpose Of SBT,  ABOUTUS,

Preface. When Was the Bible Divided Into Chapters and Verses?


Why it is so hard for Bible Publishes to get a fully accurate

Bible today. Open Foot-Notes1 and Open 4.


Compare The Most Popular Bible The KJV and Other In

 BestTrinityBasedBibles For  Make DEITYofCHRIST (Their Home page Contaminated

with   BibleWordsChanged. l  BibleWordsCanTheyBeChanged.