Where--Where Were the Nicene Council Members When God Was Creating Things? 

 Jesus and His God

To say that Jesus and His God are of the Same Essence

or Substance, in Open Homoousion.html


Eternally existing in two or three persons is arrogant

 and totally ridiculously (absurd) Man did not create them----

 Jesus and His God.                                    

So How Can They Explain Their Physical or Spiritual Make Up.

The impossible word now used is

Open  http://www. Consubstantial.net / 

The New for Essence or Substance, or 

The new translation of the Open Nicene Creed


Key words Are hidden, Mystery Shrouded in More R/in OccultPlus.htm 

The Expression that God acts in mysterious ways Is the biggest Lie Since Satan 

Told Eve the First Implied Lie How So?

Open God Is Not A Mytery WHY.htm



The unbiblical word that made Jesus God- Open Homoousion.html

In Greek Essence or Substance. Compare Open Heb1-3.htm

Nicene Creed

I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,
the Only Begotten Son of God,
born of the Father before all ages.

God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God ,begotten, 
not made, 

[begotten means made]


 Compare Open JOHN-3-16.htm 







Why is it necessary to keep revising the 

Nicene Creed Century after Century?
Open TrinityRevisionalUpdate1.htm 

consubstantial with the Father; con·sub·stan·tial

From dictionary.reference.com/browse/consubstantial?s=t

kɒnsəbˈstænʃəlShow Spelled [kon-suhb-stan-shuhl] Show IPA


of one and the same substance, essence, or nature.

1350–1400; Middle English < Late Latin 

equivalent to con- con- + substanti substance + -ālis -al1

Only Jehovah GOD is to be printed with a Capital 

G for bibles to be totally consistent.


Verses that contradict the rest of  God’s Word

The Three Worst Bible Mistakes Are.htm



Plus  Learn not to exceed what is writtenso that no one 

of you will become arrogant in behalf of 

one against the other.---Cor 4:6  


Trinity is now Trindirty.htm-

Satan’s Purpose Is To divide People one against the other.

Stick To God’s Inspired Word Only

Open Cor 4:6  


Man Can Not Understand God’s Make Up.

But what Man can Understand (is in the Scriptures) is that all things have

a Beginning (Except The Eternal YHWH) and End if God Wills it So.

Rev 1-13-12-14--- with Prov 8-22-30.-- Rev 4-11-Romans 10:2,3,


Compare -JOB 38-2&4 Job 38:2  "Why do you confuse the issue?

 Why do you talk without knowing what you're talking about?

 Job 38:4  Where were you when I created the earth?

Tell mesince you know so much

MSG—The Message Bible Open CurrentChapter=38

arrogant in behalf of one against the other.--- Cor 4:6  


The result of TheMysteryGroupBelievers.htm


(GNB)Good News Bible—

I can assure you that they are deeply devoted to God; but their devotion is not based on true knowledge.

International Standard Version

 (ISV)  For I can testify on their behalf that they have a zeal for God,

but it is not in keeping with full knowledge.

Rom 10:3 

For they are ignorant of the righteousness that comes from God while

they try to establish their own,

 and they have not submitted to God's righteousness.

3 And since they don’t understand God’s righteous ways and they’re always trying to

prove their own ways [righteous],they don’t submit to God’s righteousness.

4 The Anointed One became the end of the Law so

that everyone who believes can be righteous. 5


Moses wrote this about the righteousness of the Law, ‘If a man obeys it, he must live by it.’

Open http://www.2001translation.com/ROMANS.htm




Webster’s New World Dictionary----

Absurd-- means laughably inconsistent with what is judged as true or reasonable

 [an absurd hypothesis]; ludicrous is applied to what is laughable from incongruity or exaggeration 

[a ludicrous facial expression]preposterous is used to describe anything flagrantly absurd or ludicrous;

 foolish describes that which shows lack of good judgment or of common sense [don't take foolish chances];

 silly and ridiculous apply to whatever excites amusement or contempt by reason of its extreme foolishness,

 silly often indicating an utterly nonsensical quality ANT.sensible, logical



In Philosophy, The Absurd refers to humans who continue to live their lives,

despite knowledge that their lives are utterly pointless.

BottomLine in 

CommentaryNote.htmPlus what is Valid in Theology

Theology in Harmony from Gen 1:26 3:22 Prov8-22

 to Rev 1:1 11:1 Rev22-16-21

and Heb 13:8.

Matt 28:18 .

There are clear differences between mental perceptions and physical things. Heb1-3.htm


 Simple Bible Truth

The Oneness Jesus is Talking about is The Oneness in Truth

 with His God and Father- Your word is truth. 

There are clear differences between mental perceptions and physical things

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