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He Is Our Savor and the Son of God. Some say God the Son. But Jesus is much MORE.!!!

Jesus is the Son the God, Our Savor and redeemer of the first sin Gen 3:15.  But Not According the Nicene Creeds.

They use the--Unbiblical--Man made expression God the Son. Get The Best Biblical Facts Available to date From Bible Libraries,

Bible Encyclopedias and Bible Dictionaries Jesus has life in Himself Open DenyingJesusLife.htm

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Let’s Let Jesus answer First then His God and Father







God and Jesus defined by the scriptures without any bias Add-ons by bias Theologians.

God and Jesus defined by the scriptures without any bias Add-ons by bias Theologians. R/in  Rev-22-16-21.

God IS The SOURCE the fountain--Ps36-9.htm--behind all life including his first born Son Jesus who is

The master craftsman’s (workman) of all things thereafter by Him and for Him--Prov8-22--Col1-15-29--John/1-3.htm .  All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. See cross references, The Nicene Creeds deny this. They say he was not the first born begotten Son and they have removed the words begotten.From their bias theology Based. Open for non-Trinitarian Bible Trinitarian and to support that open JOHN-3-16. Trinitarians deny the word though also. They add and take away words from the Bible then claim them to be Holy Truth.  That is an outright Lie—and there is more R/in Lies.htm---Nicene Council Original Wtrittings What Did They Say.htm

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Jesus was created by him God and Father. Trinity denies this.

The beginning of God Creation Rev-3-12-14.htm and Rev-3-14-RulerInsteadOfBiginning.htm









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