It Is Very Important To Know What SBT Does. New Information About The Trinity. SBT Maybe The First To Explain Right-Open T And 20.

Index Simple Bible Truths Is A Free  Biblical Library. Plus The Facts That Matter About Bibles

SBT Does Not Endorse Any Man Made DOCTRINES as Holy

Truth. We Have Free-Will To Resist Satan's-Lies-Jn/8-44

Top Subject Is Worship& T. It Must Be Done Right or You

Are Being Fooled By Satan Jn4-24.JnC4:24  Matt4-10

Satan does't care who or what youWorship as long as it is not 

The Almight God JehovahOrYehovah. SBT Is Mostly About

Monitoring Bibles Publisher's For Accuracy Open 450B.

Jesus said He came tobear theTruth. Jn/8-37.

Put The Question Still Remains who has access to it.

 Study Foote-Notes and Dan Chapter 12 Tells us in the

last days abundant of truth will be available. Open+ +

Put who can get it with SatansMinisters doing all they can to block the truth with their [Myths] Mystical Lies. Read Best7Bibles.

The Whole of Christian Truth Mostly Centers Around These 

3 verses. Eph 4:4-6. See Below.

The Mystery of John 1:1Has Been Solved. 

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