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    Urgent:First Right Now We Most Understand This Verse Matt-24-14+ 

      Completely And Accurately To Get God's Purpose To Stop The World's 

      Problems Now Open Matt-24-14+ And Read All The Commentary Facts Not Fiction

      Next Is Understing What We Are Praying For "What IOpen God's Kingdom"

      But Most People Start Praying HallowBeThyNAME And Most Preahers Never Even

     Teach Their Followers What Hallow Means. Plus All They Say Is That All The Good

      GTo Heaven And All The Bad Go To Hell. They Say Little ONothing About 

      The Meek Will Inherit The Earth. Read All All Verses Most Don't  Even Mention

      Jesus'Rule For 1,000 Years Then Turns It Back To His God And Father Open 

      1-Cor-15-24. Then Open Continue Reading This Page Index 2020. More Below 

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